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Wishes for you this holiday season

As you live and work, I wish many things for you. Here are five for the holidays this year.

I wish peace for you. I wish for distractions, little anxieties, and regrets to fade from your mind starting today. What is done is done. What will be will be. Over the next few days, however, the Holy Presence invites you to be wholly present. Give your senses and your thoughts completely to what is happening around you. Give yourself to the people in your life as they are, where they are. Be present to the present of life and love you receive from the Universe. And be at peace.

I wish grace for you. I wish for you to recognize that everything you have that is truly worth having comes to you as a gift. You didn't choose to be born. You didn't choose your five senses. You don't make your brain function, your gut function, your heart beat, or your lungs breathe. It all just happens for you. Thank God the universe--let alone your own life--does not depend on you! It's a gift of grace from the Divine and when you really look at the wonder of it, you can't deny the love at the heart of it all.

I wish faith for you. You and I have devoted our lives to making the world a more fair and just place. The audacity to work for something like that can only come from faith. Oh, how our faith has been tested this year! It seems that evil forces are pushing us to the very cliff edge. How hard it is for the people we serve to keep the faith! How hard it is for us to keep our own faith! This season happens in the coldest and darkest month for a reason. To remind us to keep believing. I wish faith for you this holiday season.

I wish hope for you. Whatever good work you're doing in the world, I wish for fresh confidence, enthusiasm, and resolve that comes to you from mysterious places beyond or deep within. If my wishes for peace, grace, and faith come true for you this holiday season, you will find yourself bathed in hope as 2018 begins. The tide will turn next year and you will help turn it!

I wish love for you. Certainly, I wish for you to feel love coming to you from family and friends. Even more so, I wish for you to discern a love that comes to from the Divine--from mysterious places that you could never control or expect. But most of all, I wish for your own love to be made fresh, new, and strong.

Thank-you for the great honor and pleasure to being in your corner and filling a small part in your life and work. You are the reason I go to work every day and I love every minute of it.

Grace and peace, faith, hope, and love to you and your kin this holiday season.


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