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Host a #GivingTuesday party at your small nonprofit (GUIDE and TOOLKIT)

#GivingTuesday is less than two weeks away. What are you planning?

It's not too late to make it a great day for your small nonprofit and your community of support.


Instead of asking, asking, asking all day, make it about thanking, thanking, thanking!

One of the my favorite experiences over the years is bringing together board members, employees, and volunteer staff members to have a "Giving Thanks Party." At these simple events, we call and write notes to your best donors, partners, and volunteers.

The "Giving Thanks Party" format does two things:

  1. It immerses our board and staff in really good vibes and reminds us of how blessed we are to enjoy the friendship and support of good people. Any time I've ever hosted a Giving Thanks Party, it goes down as one of the high points of the year.

  2. It builds goodwill and rapport with donors, partners, and volunteers. We let those special people know we notice them and that we value them--not just what they do for us or give us. Goodwill and rapport aren't dollars or volunteer hours, but they set up the right conditions for more of those things to flow.

A Giving Thanks Party can (and should be) simple. So simple, in fact, that you could organize one for #GivingTuesday with less than two weeks to go.

To help you, I created a #GivingTuesday Giving Thanks Party Toolkit. This free guide and toolkit has everything you need to make a Giving Thanks Party happen at your small nonprofit on #GivingTuesday. Just follow the steps and use the tools. Everything you see in the toolkit is what I've used to host successful Giving Thanks parties through the years.

Get ready for a great #GivingTuesday!

Onward and upward!

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