At your service

You're leading to make a difference. You know that you sometimes need a cheerleader, a coach, a friendly critic, a guide, a questioner, a teacher. Sometimes you need all of them at once. I can help. Over 20+ years of serving businesses, churches, nonprofits, and schools, I have experience and knowledge that you can use. Have I been brilliant? A few times. Have I made mistakes? Hundreds. All of that adds up to someone you can trust. You're leading to make a difference. I'm your guide.

BT is a full-time dad and husband and happy to be so. He is overjoyed to be father to Daniel, age 6, who is starting kindergarten this fall. BT still has an epic crush on his wife, Tracy, with whom he celebrated ten years of marriage in 2018.


BT is on a mission to help thousands of people start, grow, and sustain community projects and nonprofits that spread love to millions of people around the world. In 2013, he started the social enterprise BT Irwin, LLC, to support this mission. Prior to starting his social enterprise, BT led fundraising, marketing, public relations, and volunteer programs for the Detroit Historical Society, Habitat for Humanity, and Rochester College. He also served as pastor at Jim Ned Valley Church of Christ in Tuscola, Texas.


BT is currently executive director of Voices for Earth Justice, a small faith-based environmental and social justice nonprofit based in Detroit.  


BT earned the bachelor of business administration from Harding University and the executive certificate in social impact strategy from the University of Pennsylvania School of Public Policy and Practice. He is a member of the first cohort to graduate from Detroit’s Build Institute and was Rochester College alumnus of the year in 2016. He is a Bible class teacher at Rochester (Mich.) Church of Christ, where his family has been members since 2008. BT also enjoys guest preaching at churches and speaking at conferences across the country.

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