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Thankful for you

This blog post assumes that you're a small nonprofit leader.

This Thanksgiving, I'm giving thanks for you.

What you do each day is familiar to me because I'm doing it right along with you.

Knowing what I know about the work you choose to do, I know you're not doing it for fame or money or power.

You could only be doing it for love that comes from your faith and hope.

The work you do is hard. More than hard. It's impossible. You're trying to solve what we call "wicked problems." Those are the problems that are so hard to solve that even government and religion don't even attempt to tackle them.

But you do.

And you do it on a shoestring budget and with unpaid volunteers.

Many days, you may feel like you're not getting anywhere.

You may feel like you're just not up to the job.

Two things you should know:

The kind of work you choose to do is supposed to be hard. In fact, it's the hardest work in the world. If it was easy, more people would do it.

You are making a difference. Imagine what the world would be like if there weren't people like you do the things you do. You may be a candle, but a candle casts light farther than its own ability to see.

Keep it up. You're doing great.

And so this Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for you.

Here's wishing a blessed and peaceful Thanksgiving to you and the people you love.

Grace and peace,


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