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"Have to..." versus "Want to..."

"Have to..." burns up a lot of energy, money, and time.

"Want to..." generates limitless resources.

"Have to..." waits until the last minute to do something and then only to get it over with.

"Want to..." can't wait to take action.

"Have to..." gives as little as it possibly can.

"Want to..." always wants to give more than it reasonably can.

"Have to..." hates to see you coming and eventually stops coming around.

"Want to..." always shows up and wants to know about next time.

"Have to..." won't get you far.

"Want to..." will take you beyond your wildest imagination.

"Have to..." builds walls.

"Want to..." runs right through them.

"Have to" is the cancer eating away at your mission and your people.

"Want to" is the fountain of youth for your small nonprofit.

Are you a "have to" or "want to" small nonprofit for your board, your employees, your neighbors, and your supporters?

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