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You get:
  • Up to 15 hours of expert consulting, including as many as six sessions with your team.
  • Your small nonprofit's business model canvas.
  • Option to order a custom illustrated poster of your business model canvas for display in your workspace.
  • Free month of follow-up coaching and 10 percent discount on coaching services forever after!
Investment: $1,999 flat rate
Your business plan answers the crucial questions of how you will start, grow, and sustain your small nonprofit
Your business plan will save energy, money, and time for you and your team. You'll look to your business plan each day to help you make decisions, plan for the future, and prioritize your activities. Not only does it help you get things done, it helps you get the right things done every day
Your business plan will give your community stakeholders, clients, employees, funders, and volunteers confidence that you will be around for a long time and making a real difference. Your business plan will be one of your best tools for persuading people to give you their support.
I use the business model canvas as the blueprint for your business plan. I'll work with you and your team over several sessions to create your own business model canvas
Got questions? Read FAQ about business plans here.
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