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Merry Year-End Fundraising!

Are you a nonprofit with five or fewer employees? 


This Giving Season can be truly amazing and joyful for you and your nonprofit.


I’m going to help you create a simple, very low-cost year-end fundraising plan that you will be ready to launch by October 1. I’ll lead you through a simple step-by-step process and give you all the instruction and tools you need along the way.  


Here’s everything you'll get:


  • Two tutorials per week

  • Simple tools

  • Live weekly webinar 

  • Private Facebook group

  • Some live workshops in metro Detroit

  • Everything archived and available through October 1 (for late comers)


All of this is FREE (because I’m a small nonprofit guy and I know what your job is like). 


Here's a free checklist to help you get started with your year-end fundraising campaign. Each week, I update the links in the checklist to give you access to new lessons and tools. 

Don't worry if you join the program late, I'll give you access to all of the lessons and tools so you can catch up in no time. This can be an amazing and successful Giving Season for you and your small nonprofit. Start here!

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