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Year-End Fundraising Workshops (for Procrastinators!)

If you're a small nonprofit leader (like BT), you wear a lot of hats. The action never stops! One day, you wake up and realize it's mid-October and you don't have a plan for year-end fundraising.


This morning workshop is for you! BT will give you his own tools and teach you his simple method for a last-minute campaign that gets great results. This stuff isn't theory; it's what BT uses at his own small nonprofit.

You'll be ready for your best year-end campaign in no time!

You can choose from one of four dates and locations (click on the link for details and to sign up):

Northwest Detroit (Thursday, October 25)

Southwest Detroit (Friday, October 26)

Pontiac (Thursday, November 1)

Troy (Friday, November 2)

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