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You get:
  • Up to 15 hours of expert consulting, including as many as six sessions with your team.
  • Your small nonprofit's fundraising plan.
  • Option to order a custom illustrated poster of your fundraising plan for display in your workspace.
  • Free month of follow-up coaching and 10 percent discount on coaching services forever after!
Investment: $1,999 flat rate
Your fundraising plan answers the question: "How will we fund our small nonprofit now and in the future?"
A good fundraising plan tells you three things (based on your small nonprofit's revenue goals):
  1. Who are your most likely funders? 
  2. How will you build relationships with them that lead to growing revenue over time?
  3. What (and when) are the specific actions your small nonprofit will take to build those relationships and produce revenue?  
I use a fundraising model that focuses on people: Who are your most ardent supporters now (whether they give money or not)? Who would be most likely to support you if you started a relationship with them? What is the total funding potential in these sources? What actions are most likely to grow relationships leading to more funds?
Your fundraising plan will be unique to your small nonprofit. It will be useful to you and your team as you make decisions about what to do each day. It will also be something you are proud to share with funders to build their trust in you.  
Got questions? Read FAQ about fundraising plans.
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