Small nonprofit workshops

Workshops are designed to help you get the tools and training you need for the lowest cost and in the shortest amount of time. Over the course of a year, workshops cover topics like board development, business planning, fundraising, program planning, strategic planning, volunteers, and more. You get the same simple methods and tools that BT uses every day and you meet new friends, too. See the current workshop lineup here

One-day team planning and training retreats

Ideal for small nonprofit boards and/or staff teams, you'll walk away from these one-day retreats with three things: 1) A plan, 2) Buy-in from everyone on your team, 3) Confidence and energy to start working your plan right away. BT currently offers one-day planning retreats for business planning, fundraising, and strategic planning. Email BT to find out more.

Personal coaching for small nonprofit leaders

Sometimes, a workshop or retreat aren't enough. You want the confidence and direction that comes from personal coaching. When BT is your small nonprofit coach, he'll be on call 24/7 to answer your questions and listen to your thoughts. You'll meet every other week to check your progress, update goals, and make action plans for the week ahead. Email BT to find out more about coaching. 

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